Whether her music has slipped into your consciousness behind hit TV shows including Fox’s Lucifer, VICE, The Royals, Wentworth, BULL, So You Think You Can Dance, Mustangs FC, the trailer for VICELANDS’ World of Sports, Black Market, Slutiver, Beerland, Reed Krakoff adds, or from her visually stunning live multi-media concerts, ANML’s message is strong, her voice is quirkily recognizable, and her passion is contagious. This Canadian born, LA based singer/songwriter/producer isn’t afraid to walk the edge in sound and in vision.

Puking rainbows, gun to head, exploding animals, human road kill, a pregnant woman on a cross… she will put herself in the way of comfort in order to bring her message, vision and feelings into the forefront, displayed through her lovingly charming Canadian personality, and fierce stage presence.

ANML’s live show utilizes interactive 3D mapped visuals projected onto a human-animal sized cage which surrounds her. The show leads the audience through a journey from embryo into confinement and ultimately freedom creating a one of a kind performance, featuring her live band comprised of 3 drummers and a small choir.

The first single and video off her forthcoming ep RELEASE! went out on Oct 3rd 2017, reaching millions in its first month, with the help of a poignant feature by BUZZFEED.

ANML’s newest 6 song ep, RELEASE! plunges into the unavoidable letting-go’s of life; from death to reawakening, while living true to her coined genre, “hardcore witch pop”.

While her last album, WE.ANIMALS. was a bridge between her music and her passion for animal rights and environmentalism, her new album is more of a personal thinking and emoting driven by her thunderous rhythms and production, while still deriving its inspiration and message from political subject matter such as domestic abuse, gun violence, to the #metoo movement. RELEASE! goes out on April 27th 2018.

This is “subliminal activism on a global scale”