Is beef tallow comedogenic? Will it clog my pores?

Is beef tallow comedogenic? Will it clog my pores?

One of the common questions we often get about our Tallow Moisturizers is whether they are likely to clog pores. Despite the many myths surrounding the use of beef fat in skincare, it is actually very low on the comedogenic scale (a rating of 2) which as compared to Coconut Oil (a rating of 4) is classified as “non-comedogenic”. Anything with a rating of 2 or below is considered non-comedogenic.

The comedogenic scale is the standard scale used in the skincare industry for comparing the pore-clogging properties of various ingredients. Here are various other common skincare ingredients and their comedogenic ratings:

Ingredient Comedogenic Rating
Beef Tallow 2
Beeswax 0-2
Camphor 2
Cocoa Butter 4
Coconut Oil 4
Jojoba Oil 2
Safflower Oil 2
Sunflower Oil 0
Squalane 1

But there’s actually even more to love about the use of tallow for skin. Because it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, it can help prevent acne and breakouts, making it well suited for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

We’ve also found that when properly applied (a little goes a long way) it absorbs quickly, is not greasy and lasts all day (no need to frequently reapply like other products).

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