Our Story

Hello, I'm Doron, the founder of ANML. You might be asking, "what made you want to start making moisturizer out of beef tallow?"

Good question. It all started around the pandemic, when all of us became more cognizant of our own health. I was dealing with several different health issues that became more pronounced during the isolation early on in the pandemic. 

While working with doctors of all kinds, including functional, I also took responsibility into my own hands to see how I can improve my symptoms through improving my daily habits.

It started with diet, the pandemic made it so normal to simply order take-out every day, sometimes multiple times a day. And I found that I would feel so nauseous and anxious after eating most of this "food". I started reading more and more about how processed food and seed oils could be contributing to GI and other health issues, and so I attempted a carnivore diet.

It actually worked! Many of my digestive symptoms became much, much better and I even found my sleep and anxiety to improve. 

However, I didn't find the carnivore diet feasible for the long term and have now transitioned to an "Animal-based" diet, hence, ANML.

I am very careful about everything I eat, and always read the ingredients. I prioritize the quality of the food by choosing organic, grass-fed, and regenerative whenever possible. While not for everyone, I also enjoy raw milk and cheese regularly.

But, moisturizer? Right. So after thoroughly interregating all my food choices and swapping them out for healthier, animal-based options, I started to look into the other products I use on a regular basis.

This included, toothpaste, soaps and moisturizers. I found the expensive bottle of Kiehl's in my bathroom cabinet, which I bought because I thought it was the best -- I mean, its provided at Equinox, so its the best right? But when I flipped to the back of the bottle to read the ingredients, I found dozens and dozens of ingredients, many of which I didn't recognize, and some, like the seed oils, I unfortunately did recognize.

So I ventured onto the internet to find out what was a natural option for moisturizing without all the chemicals and unnecessary ingredients. That's when I found out about tallow balm and tallow moisturizers. 

I tried tons of different options from various brands. And was unimpressed by nearly all of them. Few of them were organic, many of them had weird "Essential Oil Blends", some had weird textures (either too hard or too creamy), some just plain smelled bad!

So I set out to make my own, that lived up to the quality I was looking for in all my products. It had to be 100% organic, had to be grass-fed AND finished, and had to be from a regenerative farm. It also had to be made from suet rather than fat trimmings because suet is more nutrient dense and helps reduce wasting any part of the animal. 

I started testing out various different ingredients and methods of making my moisturizer and settled on what you see in our shop today. And yes, I've tried honey, I've tried olive oil, I've tried various other essential oils, tried it without whipping, etc.. And I found that those modifications did not make the product better, even if it seems like adding more ingredients allows for better marketing.

My mission is to make the highest quality, natural products that don't compromise on integrity for dollars. That's why I also make our products in America, avoid the use of plastic, and NEVER source anything from China.

We are just getting started and have many products on our roadmap, but we would love to hear what products you would like to see. Please feel free to reach out to us and share your thoughts. The easiest way to do so is through our chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen, or you can email us at info@anml.us.


Founder, ANML