The 15-step Skincare Routine Hoax

The 15-step Skincare Routine Hoax

Are your shelves filled with an endless array of serums, essences, and creams, all promising to grant you the elusive "perfect skin"? It's time to cut through the fog of Big Skincare's deception and reclaim your time, money, and skin health.

The Skincare Hoax

Let's be honest, the Big Skincare thrives on making you believe that the more products you use, the better your skin will become. They're trying to maximize their profit, because that's what big businesses do.

But isn't it time we stopped to think about the reality behind the hype? Sure, slathering on that trendy snail mucin slime serum might feel fancy, but is it really delivering on its promises?

Besides being expensive and time consuming, having so many different products is likely to cause some unexpected and untested interactions between some ingredients across the products and your skin.

We didn't evolve to overwhelm our skin with unrecognizable chemicals and plant oils, simply because they're considered vegan.

The Bare Essentials: Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Enter the minimalist skincare routine, your skin's savior from the clutches of over-consumerism and over-complication. Two simple products: a moisturizer and a sunscreen. That's it. No more battling through an exhausting regimen that leaves your wallet emptier and your skin more confused.

Moisturizing: Why and When

Studies have shown that moisturizing is not just a luxurious step, but a fundamental one for maintaining healthy skin. Especially in situations where you skin is exposed to harsh conditions or is experiencing dryness.

A good time to use your moisturizer is after a hot shower, as the warm water can strip your skin of it's natural oils, leaving it prone to dryness. Another good time is after washing your hands, especially if you're using harsh soaps, a moisturizer helps maintain the skin's natural barrier.

Personally, I also like applying it anytime I'm going outside, especially if there will be a lot of sun, cold or wind which is likely to dry out my skin. Additionally, I regularly apply it after exfoliation because then your skin is primed to absorb hydration, making it a golden opportunity to lock in moisture.

Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle

Big Skincare would have you believe that an elaborate skincare routine is the key to unlocking radiant skin. However, the truth is often simpler than we're led to believe. A minimalist skincare routine not only saves you time and money but also gives your skin the chance to breathe and reset. So, toss aside those unnecessary products, unburden your skin, and liberate yourself from the 15-step con.

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